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« If you give a fish to a man you feed him for one day, if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life »
Tao Te Ching

What is Strategic Therapy & Interventions Institute of New York?

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the right strategyThe Strategic Therapy & Interventions Institute  (stand2i) offers two different and complementary type of interventions both using a Strategic approach.

On the clinical side, Brief Strategic Therapy (BST), with more than 20 years and thousands of documented cases solved, is a tailored and highly efficient, and successful approach with demonstrated success in less than 10 sessions across a large range of problems and disorders. Brief Strategic Therapy’s areas of intervention range from Anxiety Disorders to Eating Disorders and from Family issues and problems to the more recent pathologies associated with the use of the Internet.

On the business side, Strategic Coaching and Corporate Consulting (S3C) has applied these same efficient and effective interventions to individuals (managers, entrepreneurs, etc) and companies, providing them with the most and advanced techniques to help them achieve their objectives and improve their performance, by using problem-solving, communication, persuasion, and strategic tools and techniques tailored to their own specific characteristics and needs.

Within this website, you will find the needed information regarding the history, the development, the premises, the techniques and theorie used in the Strategic Approach.